Elizabeth Olsen Cast as Scarlet Witch



avengers 2 scarlet witch eliza beth olsen rqp2h2 Elizabeth Olsen Cast as Scarlet WitchAfter much debate and speculation on the Internet as who will play the Avenger’s most powerful female member Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron. It’s all come down to Elizabeth Olsen. Olsen is now said to be in “final negotiations ” meaning the lawyers are just ironing a few details out like what royalties she gets from the action figures.

At one time Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat was connected to the role, but alas it was not in the stars for now it’s going to younger sister of the Olsen twins.  She has appeared in such films as “Silent House” , “Very Good Girls” and “Kill Your Darlings”. If that resume doesn’t impress you, and it doesn’t impress me, the fact she is starring in two major remakes ” Old Boy” and “Godzilla” even here more cred in the geek department.

elizabeth olsen eyed for scarlet witch role in avengers 2 hqssmj Elizabeth Olsen Cast as Scarlet Witch

To me her look isn’t exotic enough for the role , but then again most pictures I have seen of her she has been a blond. While she is not as sickly thin as her two big sisters she isn’t really curvy or stacked to fill out the costume if they even come close to going in that direction. I imagine we won’t be seeing her in a red latex corset.

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Once the actual production photos begin to leak next year, we will get a better idea of how to adjust our expectations of the role. I am beginning to think if I don’t talk about the Vision being in the movie it’s going to feel like some one took a crap in my easter basket, even though I don’t celebrate Easter, but to have Ultron and Visions wife in the same movie with out him feels wrong. If Buffy is any proof Whedon supports odd romantic pairings with emotionally unavailable, so give us the android. Hollywood has their blond waif seems like a fair give and take compromise to me.

Elizabeth Olsen Cast as Scarlet Witch