Epic Parody Of Cheerios Biracial Ad (VIDEO)


cheerios ad bxvalv Epic Parody Of Cheerios Biracial Ad (VIDEO)

In response to the racist backlash Cheerios received over their new ad featuring a biracial couple with a child, Kenji America has released a parody with a very clear message in response.  “Eat It Haters!”

The parody is very similar to the original ad, except instead of showing a interracial heterosexual couple, it features a biracial lesbian couple.  The young daughter in the parody ad approaches her mother and asks, “Is it true that eating a healthy breakfast cereal like we do every morning is normal and in the year 2013, what our family looks like shouldn’t be a big deal?”

Check out the parody ad above and for comparison, the original ad is shown after the jump.


SOURCE: Huffington Post

Epic Parody Of Cheerios Biracial Ad (VIDEO)