Five Creepy Actors


Some people just look like they are the kind of people who keep severed hands in jars in their library. This is more common among actors for some weird reason, at least the really good ones. Good looking actors just never seem as talented as the ones who look like they have spent six years muttering to themselves in a corner. These are the five actors who I feel have the strongest serial killer faces in Hollywood. They may be nice people, I don’t know and I never will because if I ever saw them I would hide as quickly as I could.

Crispin Glover
Maybe it’s because I watched Willard as a child but I have always found Crispin Glover to be a creepy S.O.B. His sunken cheeks and pointy brows and cheek bones make him look like the kind of guy who would lock you in a basement.

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Johnny Depp
Now that he is getting older I find him more and more uncomfortable. The guy has always had crazy eyes but it has gotten worse in the last few years. Plus his hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in six years.

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Steve Buscemi
There has never been a point in his film career that he didn’t look like a guy who was going to snap at any moment and murder every woman in his building for being ungrateful bitches.

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Willem Defoe
Yes his name is fun to say, but that doesn’t stop him from being the kind of person I would cross the street to avoid. Even when he’s smiling I feel like he is planning on what crazy dude get togethers to wear my skin as a suit to.

Willem Dafoe 001 kse5o6 Five Creepy Actors

Gary Busey
Christ almighty does this man give me the worst case of “well there goes a serial killer” ever. His voice does not help things. He sounds like he chain smokes Newports’ even with laryngitis. All time Creepy Guy.

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Five Creepy Actors