Flo Rida’s Rise to Superstardom, On ‘This Is How I Made It’


The latest episode featuring Flo Rida’s success story on ‘This Is How I Made It’ will air Saturday, November 17 at 12 pm.

At a young age, Flo Rida knew his real passion and future was music. Despite being an honor student in high school, he always envisioned himself as a superstar, his mind and body dedicated to turning that dream into reality.

Upon graduating from high school, Flo moved with his sister and brother-in-law to Las Vegas, NV. His sister helpd him enroll into University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he dropped out after only a month because he was so invested in pursuing his music career. He was always looking up music studios in the Yellow Pages and going to different studios, hoping to show off his demo.

Before he reached his dream, Flo Rida encountered a devastating loss. His younger sister, in Miami, was battling with bronchitis and called him saying, “Come home, I want to see you!” The young and incredibly determined Flo was not to let anything get in between him and his music. During his interview in ‘This Is How I Made It,’ Flo Rida gets emotional when recalling the day he received the call from a friend telling him that his sister had passed away. From that moment on, Flo promised he would do it for his sister.

Take a sneak peak at the episode of ‘This Is How I Made It’ on Flo Rida here.

Flo Rida’s latest music video ‘I Cry‘ shows the struggles of his past.

Music Video Flo Rida I Cry Flo Ridas Rise to Superstardom, On This Is How I Made It

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Flo Rida’s Rise to Superstardom, On ‘This Is How I Made It’