Fox News Attacks Jay-Z & Hip Hop Using The March On Washington


fox news attack hip hop jay z using the march on washington Fox News Attacks Jay Z & Hip Hop Using The March On Washington

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Fox News’ media agenda has never been that of the progression of African Americans in America but they disguise it as such. The sad part is, parts of middle America actually believe some of the stories to have validating because of their simple ignorance to the culture. Fox News has always been a chess player in the game to demonize rap music and this time they used a historical event like the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington as a sideways opportunity to once again attack hip hip’s top man Jay-Z.
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America was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The March On Washington. This is supposed to be a joyous occasion to praise the past victories and still dialogue about the social injustices that still occur to this day. In the light of the Zimmerman trial travesty, you would think that everybody understood that and yet Fox New took the opportunity to pit the older black generation against to younger black generation by comparing the lyrics of songs in the Summer of 1963 to songs in the Summer of 2013 in a backwards ass praise & penalize debate where no black generation comes out the victor because social injustice still exist and we are not own our enemies.

In this clip, titled “50 Years After March On Washington Some See Rap Music As A Problem” Fox News anchor Shannon Bream discusses an article written by Fox News analyst Juan Williams published in The Wall Street Journal. They began by playing Bob Dylan’s 1963 song ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’. Then Beam adds his commentary saying,

“Today, Juan Williams has a powerful column in the Wall Street Journal half a century later, where he challenges people to compare the promise of that inspiring music with what Juan calls the ‘heartbreaking contrast’ of today’s hit rap songs like Jay-Z’s hit ‘Holy Grail.’”

In the Wall Street Journal article, Williams compared the lyrical content of legendary musicians Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke & Curtis Mayfield to that of 2013 rappers Jay-Z & Lil Wayne. Two totally different types of music, if they wanted to make a proper comparison they should’ve compared those 60′s artist to 2013 artist like Talib Kweli, Common or Lupe Fiasco. Artist who are overtly outspoken to social issues but like I said earlier this was not a true comparison of better meant, this was an attack on hip hop music.

Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene also picked up in argument later calling Jay-Z music ‘despicable’ & ‘filled with misogyny.’.
Here are some highlights from the segment.