Frankie Edgar Tough As Nails


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Frankie Edgar is one of the toughest UFC competitors I have ever seen. Frankie is a featherweight fighter at 5’6″ and 145 lbs. You may think that doesn’t sound like much…I say, go stand in a cage with him.

Frankie is a true pound-for-pound champion. If you’re not familiar with the term pound-for-pound, it’s used to describe a fighter’s value in relation to fighters of other weight classes. Frankie’s lost his past three fights, but they’ve all been controversial. He fights tooth and nail against guys bigger than him and does some serious damage. One thing I respect about Edgar is that when he loses a close fight, he keeps his mouth shut and moves on. He lets his fighting do the talking…and wow, is it impressive.

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Edgar’s last fight was on February 2 against featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo. The match was close throughout it’s entirety, but ended up being a unanimous decision in favor of Aldo. Frankie came back strong towards the end, but his effort was thwarted by Aldo. I strongly recommend you check out Frankie Edgar in his next fight. Boy’s coming back with a vengeance.

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Frankie Edgar Tough As Nails