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If you’ve seen enough television, the GSN (Game Show Network) in particular, you have seen your fair share of people saying stupid and/or funny things. I haven’t even watched much of it and I’ve still heard some ridiculous things come out of peoples’ mouths.

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Luckily for us, somebody with a lot of free time on their hands put a bunch of these moments together into a montage for our viewing pleasure.

Did you notice anything in particular about a lot of these moments? They happened to be on the show Family Feud. Either they recruit a lot of dumb people for the show on purpose, or the formatting of the questions trips more people up than other programs.

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If you’ve never seen the show before, this is how it works. A question is asked to a fixed amount of people in a survey, then contestants on the show have to come up with the top answers that most people on the survey gave. The creators of this show must be geniuses, because that is just a setup for comedic gold. I must admit I’m deeply saddened by some of the answers given in that video. Like for example somebody actually thinking that “Mexico” is a state in the US that starts with an M. I could understand getting nervous on television, but I don’t think these programs are live so there’s pretty much no excuse for some of these. Just common American ignorance at its finest.
If you don’t typically view these kinds of shows often but are into comedy, I would say give a few episodes a try. I guarantee you in an hour of view time you will find at least one of these bloopers that will make you question human intelligence as a whole.
What do you think of these answers? Know any other montages of game show bloopers? Comment Below!
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Game Show Mishaps