Get Drunk During Foreplay


I was browsing an area liquor store the other day when something caught my eye. A can of whipped cream. Now of course your average girly drinks can be garnished with regular whipped cream and that’s fine. However, upon closer inspection of the canister I noticed something interesting, a 16% Alcohol by volume…SAY WHAAAAT?

whipped lightning 593x400 Get Drunk During Foreplay

This ain’t your grandma’s ReddiWhip. Whipped Lightning comes in an array of flavors that range from fruity to chocolaty to minty (and even mint chocolaty!). The alcohol content blows passed that of typical wine coolers and malt liquors.

So me being the mature and respectable blogger I am, my mind jumped straight into the gutter. Whipped Cream has long since had a place in bedroom fun, any movie set on a college campus will tell you that. So next time, instead of warming up with a few drinks and then moving on to a little whipped cream fun before sliding into home plate. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Get a little buzz during batting practice and I am sure it will make the game ALOT more fun. If I’m the first one in the blogosphere with this idea, which I think I am. I take full credit, and yes you may thank me later.

Image Source: Whipahol

Get Drunk During Foreplay