Getting into the Game with Team Ephiphany


Halo is a great series to get started on and make a gaming career off of. Whether it’s for leisure of for business, many gamers have been attracted to this series for one reason or another. Meet Jake from Team Epiphany; he’s a young guy with his hand on the plasma cannon. Though he’s a full time student, he has his eye on the high powered prize. Read our interview with this fellow Halo enthusiast, and remember to support him.

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Name: Team Epiphany

Real Name: Jake

DOB: 4/4/1994

Game Speciality: Halo 4

Favourite Video Game Villain: Vaas

Platform: Xbox 360

Years being a Gamer: 12

Notable Projects / Collabs: Epic Maps Podcast. Entire Halo Community Livestream.

Companies Signed With: BroadbandTV Corp

Social Followers: 76,000 on YouTube; 6,500 on Facebook; 1,500 on twitter



For our readers, please introduce yourself.  How did you get into the “game”?

Hello my name’s Jake, also known as vp snipes. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I got into the game when I was about 8 years old, and I received my first game system the original Xbox. Thanks to my parents not understating how game ratings worked I was able to get a copy of Halo Combat evolved and instantly fell in love with the Halo series. Flash forward to when I was 16 still playing Halo, I decided to record some videos of me and my friends playing together under the Youtube channel name team0epiphany. After a year or so we got partnered and are still to this day making awesome Halo videos for our subscribers.

What sparked your interest in video games? Was it at a young age or a case of late blooming?

I think for me video games have always been a great way to have fun with friends.  Ever since I was little I can remember lugging my Xbox and old TV over to my buddies house for a night of competitive Halo playing. To this day I think this has really been the basis for our channels success as it still is just a group of guys joking around playing video games together.

Over how many years did you get your user base?

For us, it took about 2 years to build up our user base.

Are you a full time gamer? If so, what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this full time?

I wish! But as of right now I’m a part time gamer and full time student. I have really enjoyed being able to do YouTube as a part time job and it definitely beats working anywhere else.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you during your career (convention, groupie, playing etc)?

Nothing to crazy has happened to me since my youtube career other then meeting a fan here and there in real life. I did have one time where I was almost expelled from school for uploading a vlog that included my teacher in it. My favorite part of the whole ordeal was the school staff trying to wrap their heads around why the video had 22,000 views.

What do your parents think of your gaming career? Are they supportive or do they give you hell?

My parents definitely weren’t to happy about it in the early days; they would complain about me spending too much time online and didn’t understand why people would want to watch my videos. Once I was able to show them that YouTube can be a job, they began to support it a lot more. They still don’t understand why anyone would want to watch my videos tho lol.

Moving on, what are your favourite games to play? If you had to specialize in something other than your own which one would it be?

I really enjoy games with a good story, I think gameplay matters but I will time and time again pick a game with a good story over one that is more fun to play. If I had to specialize in another game genre I think I would definitely go with MMO RPG games.

Let’s just say you could get transported into another dimension. If you could be in any game, which one would you be in?  Specific character?

Any Lord Of The Rings game and I would definitely want to be Frodo. But I wouldn’t want to go on any adventures I would much rather just chill in Hobbiten for the rest of my days lol.

Every gamer has an experience that makes a game special to them, like fighting an extremely difficult boss battle only to get in another battle and die two feet away from a save point. Do you have any memorable gaming moments?

My most memorable gaming moment was completing the Halo 3 Achievement “Endure”. That achievement took us a good 10 hours to complete considering how many times we failed. I still remember finishing it at 6 AM in the morning on a Saturday and then going upstairs to make victory pancakes…..which are the best kind of pancakes.

Are there any gamers or bloggers that you look up to?

Yes I would have to say the Woodysgamertag and Rooster Teeth are two content providers I look up to. I love watching their video and am always trying to learn from them on how I can better my Youtube channel.

There are a lot of good games that are released.  However, a few rotten tomatoes are still out there. Is there a game that you would never play again? If you had to reboot one a game or a series of games which one and why?

If I had to pick one game I would never play again it would have to be some form of a sports game. I honestly can’t stand playing games like FIFA and NHL I find them extremely boring. As for rebooting a game series I would love to see the Halo Wars come back with another game.

What’s your favourite / least platform to play on?

My favourite platform to play on is really on any console or pc but my least favourite would have to be portable game devices.

Blast from the past:  Favourite old school game?

Banjo Kazooie.

Where do you think the industry is going?

I think the industry is moving back towards pc gaming. With consoles updating only every few years and with the release of many popular mods such as Day-Z I feel allot of people are switching over to PC.

If you had to give any advice to some new gamers, what would it be?

Keep on playing!


Thank you for taking the time to speak with Soletron. We wish you all the best in the future. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

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Getting into the Game with Team Ephiphany