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Hailing from Los Angeles, with a name like Gold Rat Tooth, you have to wonder.  But Gold Rat Tooth offers unique urban apparel and accessories for those who demand originality fused with creativity.

GoldRat shirts Gold Rat Tooth

From kids clothes to adult t-shirts and hoodies, this urban clothing company has a wide range of goods.  They even have ski masks they call “Cheeseburlar Masks”.  Using a rat sort of like a mascot, their designs sometimes incorporate cheese, rat traps or even a rat head like this one below.

GoldRat logo 1024x386 Gold Rat Tooth

A rat might not be the most attractive animal out there to base a clothing brand around, but Gold Rat Tooth makes it work with hot photos like this one!

GoldRat tee Gold Rat Tooth

From smoking hot girls to tricked out photos of bmxers or even some break dancing, this brand is covering a wide array of urban streetwear style.

GoldRat lookbook21 Gold Rat Tooth

Their shirts are affordable, all under $40.00 and they even make glow-in-the-dark prints!

GoldRat lookbook3 Gold Rat Tooth

Fusing together an urban lifestyle that appeals to many in a city like Los Angeles is a huge undertaking, but it looks as if Gold Rat Tooth is making their mark.  Check them out taking over the skatepark!

GoldRat crew Gold Rat Tooth

The Gold Rat Tooth crew recently just returned from a trip to Taiwan working on some “top secret projects”.  Could they be going global soon?  They keep their fans informed with where they’ve traveled and visited from Taiwan to huge blow-out parties in LA to the hottest sneaker drops hitting stores on their streetwear blog.

GoldRat shirt2 Gold Rat Tooth

They take a lot of crazy pictures which only makes you want to join in on the party with them, and you can!  You can find them all over LA from skateparks, pools to parties!

GoldRat shirt Gold Rat Tooth

Keep up with everything Gold Rat Tooth on Twitter and Facebook and stay original.


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