Gonzalez Back For One More Year


tony gonzalez e1363276954565 Gonzalez Back For One More Year

Tony Gonzalez has made it known that he wants to return to the Falcons for one more shot at the Super Bowl.

It’s tough to walk away from a team that finally got past the hump of winning a playoff game and has all the potential in the world. They have more than potential…they have talent, veterans, and now the experience to reach their goal.

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The role of a Tight End has become more and more crucial to the game today. Tony Gonzalez was one of the most clutch, if not the most, go-to guys on 3rd down. Matt Ryan never hesitated to go to Gonzalez and way more often than not, the Falcons would convert. It would’ve been extremely difficult for the Falcons to replace the greatest TE of all time. Now, they have their man back. Only for a year…but a year where they could go all the way.

Image Sources: atlantafalcons, zimbio

Gonzalez Back For One More Year