Guided Tour Thru Compton (Video)


9e182b1b Guided Tour Thru Compton (Video)

Compton native Hodari Sababu (The Game’s stepfather) has designed one of the most realest tours on Hollywood Boulevard. If you’ve ever been to the Hollywood Boulevard, you’d know that the strip is infamous for its guided tours. This particular tour is a bit different from the other tours the boulevard has to offer. The majority of the tours on the boulevard guide tourists through Beverly Hills to look at the homes of their favorite celebrities. Sababu’s Hood Life Tours is a mobile museum of Compton, California, the center of West Coast hip-hop. He visits landmarks related to The GameRodney King, N.W.A., 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and more . He also discusses the culture of drugs, prostitution, strippers, and violence in the area.

This is a must see for all lovers of West-Coast Hip-Hop and culture.


Guided Tour Thru Compton(Video)