Halo 4 Global Championships Are Among Us!


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Halo has always had a rich history in eSports but as of recently it has fallen from the spotlight thanks to a lack of a presence at some of the larger eSports events like Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit. Halo took a backseat in the competitive gaming scene, games like League of Legends, StarCraft 2and Call of Duty have remained supreme. Many teams that have won acclaimed awards have denounced games like Call of Duty and Starcraft 2 as their exclusive game for tournaments, leaving Halo to not even be considered for tournaments like the World Cyber Games, and ESL circuits.

mlg columbus video game tournament brings in record breaking 225 million views Halo 4 Global Championships Are Among Us!

Major League Gaming

Either way, you can still find a functioning competitive scene what with tournaments like Arena Gaming League being held in Knoxville this month. The event doesn’t come close to the size of something like MLG or WCG.

343 Industries are proposing tournaments that have prizes up to $500,000 in cash.

But now, 343 has recently announced a new competitive option for tournament-seekers interested in Halo: the Halo Global Championships.

In past Halo 2 and 3 tournaments, MLG became the exclusive company to commentate these tournaments. Players like Ogre 1 and 2, Walshy and Fatality have always been on top of the ladder, But since the early 2000s, a majority of the teams and players that have reigned are now retired.

halo 4 mlg Halo 4 Global Championships Are Among Us!

Now that there is this new league from this global championship tournament by 343, a new breed of pro-gamers are expected to overshadow the veterans in MLG.

It should be interesting when the streams are up online, I will give an update for the link if and when they are available.

You can now register for the tournament, the deadline for registration is on the first of September

Go for it!

Halo 4 Global Championships Are Among Us!

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