Hip Hop Clothing Style


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The word style literally means “a manner of doing something”. When it comes to fashion, however, it means so much more. Style, in it’s most purest form is the way you wear an item. So if fashion is “what” then style is “how”, whatever the occasion is “why” and the trend is “when”. But the most important thing is style–more specifically hip hop clothing style.

If music is sounds and vibrations in a rhythmic (sometimes chaotic) formula then the Hip Hop itself would be style. Hip Hop is a metaphor for style. So hip hop clothing style would be an even more in depth look at how trends change in the culture. Hip Hop clothing style is the way the scarf lies around your neck, how the hat is cocked to the side, the way you pose with your pinky ring, the color of your shoe laces, every element of “how”. One of the most mentioned when it comes to hip hop clothing style is the great Kanye West. No matter what the media attempts to take away from Mr. West, one thing that could never be taken away is his sense of style. Some people have to learn how to dress…and others of us just have style. The reason Kanye West can get away with wearing a skirt, a mask, or something that may be seen as risque to the average person is because of his sense of style.