Hip Hop Dance Pants


hip hop dance pants Hip Hop Dance Pants

Honestly, it’s probably hard to look at the title without at least smirking if not laughing hysterically. I mean, seriously? Hip-Hop dance pants? Tell me that isn’t funny to say out loud and I would make a Pinocchio out of you. However, although it may be something that can spark comedy it is a very significant factor in the hip hop community when searching on the internet. First and foremost, if MC Hammer is not the first name that comes to mind when you hear the term Hip Hop Dance Pants then something is wrong. The classic Hip-Hop musician/rapper/dancer kind of paved the way for the idea of pair of pants specified for Hip-Hop Dance.

If you are not familiar with MC Hammer pants, they look a little something like this.

MC Hammer Pants Hip Hop Dance Pants

MC Hammer’s signature pants were popular in the 80′s among most of our parents most likely. When he got up and danced in these hip hop sweatpants the people went crazy to the point that they had to pick up there own pair. Thus a trend is born. Just like most trends in the that started in the 80′s the classic harem style pants worn by MC Hammer are now being brought back. You can find this style on stars like Teyana Taylor, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Drake. The design of the pants consists of a baggy waist area and slim legs that skinnier the first they go down. These are perfect to wear with a pair of hightops and a crisp v-neck tshirt.

Hip Hop Dance Pants