Hip Hop Street Wear


Street wear and hip hop have pretty much come to be hand in hand. Artists that arent sponsored by a major street wear brands either have an endorsement deal or plans to make their own line of street wear. With all the commotion surrounding streetwear everyone wants a piece of the action. Those who are not designing there own line of street wear are pushing for hip hop artists to include them on a team of designers or have blogs and publications set up.It seems like the whole world has consumed itself with the world of hip hop street wear.

hip hop street wear Hip Hop Street Wear

The hip hop street wear scene has been on the rise for the a while now but recent trends have led to a boost in sales in both the hip hop industry and the street wear industry that show a direct correlation between the two. The hip hop industry has noticed a rise in album sales and despite the panic of going digital the sale of singles and albums over the web have been enormous. Part of this correlation comes from the fact that you can buy the best hip hop and the best street wear in some of the same places online.

hip hop street wear 2 Hip Hop Street Wear

The street wear has direct ties to hip hop and with the most popular blogs posting on new releases in hip hop and street wear almost simultaneously, the appeal is going to crossover. The internet has been the perfect platform for up and coming hip hop artists as well as entrepreneurs who want their own street wear label to get there start. Fact of the matter is, most people who are fans of hip hop are also fans of street wear and that makes finding either of the two online alot easier for consumers. This also gives producers increased profits.