Hip Hop Streetwear


Hip hop streetwear is quickly rising to the forefront of the hip-hop industry. Streetwear geared towards the hip hop community is a multi-billion dollar industry with worldwide success. Hip hop artists, producers, and even label owners all want a peace of the streetwear industry. How did this shift from music to fashion come about? Quite easily actually.

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Ever since the inception of hip hop and its following, fashion (streetwear in particular) has always been a talking point among the business. Rappers, hip hop singers, and pop stars all use the urban geared streetwear to promote music and album sales. Hip hop artists eventually decided that to further their careers and profitability, streetwear was the way to go.

hip hop streetwear 593x409 Hip Hop Streetwear

Now streetwear has evolved, it holds its own weight in the world without the contribution of hip hop music. Although the industry was the catalyst to push streetwear to the forefront , many traditional clothing labels have since revamp collections to appeal to the Streetwear community. Hip Hop artists on the other hand, have began to make a crossover from streetwear more conservative clothing styles. Hip Hop labels that started on the streetwear   scene have since transitioned into, suits, blazers, loafers, and other articles that would have not fit into the hip hop scene before.

Hip Hop Streetwear