Hippo Esthetics


Hippo Esthetics is an innovative lifestyle streetwear clothing brand that utilizes the physical, mental, and spiritual attributes of the Hippopotamus to express their philosophy. Hippo Esthetics fundamentals are represented and expressed through the mediums of clothing, art, and toys.

Hippo crew Hippo Esthetics

Founded by Tnes, Hippo Esthetics’ philosophy is to remain “Above and Below the Surface” & “STAY HUNGRY”.  They want to distribute a positive and inspiring message to the masses to create a sense of empowerment. They believe we are not only motivated by Fashion, Music, Dance, Culture, and Art but also from the simplicity of life.

Hippo hoodie Hippo Esthetics

Apparently to understand Hippo Esthetics as a brand, you probably should know and understand more about a hippo.  Here we go!  According to Hippo Esthetics,

“The Hippopotamus is one of the most versatile, dangerous, and under estimated mammals in the animal kingdom. One of its key distinguishes from other animals is the Hippopotamus is able to function both on land & under water. With this combined with the Hippopotamus sheer mass, strength, and other physical characteristic makes the animal feared Above & Below the Surface. With land and water representing different ways of life the Hippo is used to symbolize the Esthetics it takes to live in today’s diverse society.”

Hippo shirt Hippo EstheticsA Hippo is an individual that is capable of demonstrating the ability to function properly in two alternative realms. The hippopotamus is used to symbolize these individuals since naturally its diversity allows the animal to efficiently function on LAND & WATER. The Hippo is the core inspiration for the brand, because it signifies versatility.  There’s definitely a diverse range of designs in this mens streetwear collection.  Hybrid hippo skin snapbacks are Not something you see OR hear about everyday.  Check it out in the photo above, pretty slick!

Hippo tshirt Hippo Esthetics

Along with their use of animal prints within their designs and the vast selection of t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts, definitely makes this brand versatile.  Hippo Esthetics will be opening their very first flagship store in Las Vegas, Nevada in February of this year.  Check out the teaser below.

The moves this brand is making are ridiculous and their entire collection in store is sharp. If you’re feeling like an animal inside, go check it out.


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