Homeland Premiere Leaked


homeland season 2 poster wpxdqw Homeland Premiere Leaked

Homeland Season 3 premiere leaked online at some time over the last 24 hours. This release is a whole month sooner than the originally planned air date for showtimes Emmy winning series starring Claire Danes and Damien Lewis. The irony of the premiere episode of a series about a potential national security breach, in the former of a soldier turned by the enemy, being leaked early to the public has sadly been lost on those who have been covering the story so far.

Apparently over 100 thousand users on BitTorrent had down loaded the episode within hours of it being leaked. It is not clear who leaked the episode, but Variety is claiming that the episode looks a lot like those that were given as screeners during the Television Critics Association event that was held in July. So if you are a fan of the show and don’t have to many issues with possibly being sent to jail over a television show then you should see if you can find a version to download. It’s not like Showtime is a big name company that would totally sue your ass for stealing. I would advise everyone else to just wait for the season premiere, since it is only a few weeks away at this point.

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Homeland Premiere Leaked