House The Crazy Doctor


Is this quite possibly the best medical drama show on TV? Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) MD must be crazy, but really a great doctor. watch as he continues and struggles with prescription drug addicted, orders in prostitutes and has off-the-wall theories that even surprise his best friend and trusted confident Dr.James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard).

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Many of the seasons appeared on Fox, but are now available on DVD. Put on your white jacket and play pretend as you discover a great series of tales in X-Ray, oncology and the ER. Dr. House is an alleged medical genius who leads a team of diagnosticians in a teaching hospital in New Jersey. Dr. House infuriates his team and his boss Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) with his unconventional theories that are thought of to be completely outside of the box and not traditional medical theory. The allure of the show being that his theories are strange and most times are right.

The show was created in concept by David Shore. After reading a medical column, Diagnosis in the New York Times magazine, House was born. The original title was Chasing Zebras, Circling the Drain. Dr. House’s addicted to Vicodin never ended, but his crazy genius side lives on.