How Serious Are Fake Injuries In Football?


fake injury rdzhgt How Serious Are Fake Injuries In Football?

Two-minute drills aren’t just for the last two minutes anymore. Fast tempo offenses are being used all over the NCAA and NFL. Sometimes it’s hard for defenses to keep up when their opponent is moving the ball and getting back to he line in a hurry. What have they come up with in response? Fake injuries.

A fake injury is the perfect way to slow down a fast tempo. You don’t waste a timeout and you kill the offense’s momentum. It’s been in question whether defensive coordinators would put fake injuries into their packages or if players were doing it on their own. The video below answers that question. You can see Georgia’s LB Leonard Floyd (#84) get some kind of signal from the sideline. You can’t see who it is or what they did, but you can see Floyd fine one second and then go down after looking toward the sideline. Check it out…

There isn’t much referees can do about it right now. If a player is one the field seemingly injured, they can’t assume he’s faking. If the fake injuries keep popping up, I’m sure the NCAA will have something to say about it.

Image Source: deadspin

How Serious Are Fake Injuries In Football?