How Spurs Can Beat The Heat


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We all know the Miami Heat are expected to win the NBA Title- especially after a dominant game two. Even though the series is tied at one a piece, many are already counting the Spurs out. Well, splitting the series is exactly what San Antonio wanted to do and as bad as the loss was, it didn’t indicate anything. The Spurs were happy with winning game one, were possibly mentally checked out in the second half of game two, and Pop pulled the big three when the game was getting out of hand. So, the thrashing Miami put on San Antonio means very little.

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Now the series is headed to Texas for three games. If the Spurs can win two out of three at home, then they are in great position to win the title. It’s very difficult to win a game in Miami, but they’ve done it already and can do it again. The key? Tony Parker. Parker had an outstanding game one with 21 points and 6 assists, but neither of those are the most important stat to me. What is? ZERO turnovers. The Spurs need Parker to control the game in every way. Miami messed up his rhythm in game two and created five turnovers from TP. You can’t turn the ball over against the Heat…that’s where they will absolutely obliterate you.

To sum up – San Antonio needs to take two of three at home, limit turnovers, and Tony Parker needs to control the game. If they can do that, the Spurs will beat the Heat.

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How Spurs Can Beat The Heat