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  • 1. Get out of a mental rut, think new thoughts, acquire new visions, discover new ambitions.
  • 2. Make friends quickly and easily
  • 3. Increase your popularity.
  • 4. Win people to your way of thinking.
  • 5. Increase your influence, your prestige, your ability to get things done.
  • 6. Handle complaints, avoid arguments, keep your human contacts smooth and pleasant.
  • 7. Become a better speaker, a more entertaining conversationalist.
  • 8. Arouse enthusiasm among your associates.


How To Win Friends and Influence People - the Soletron Down and Dirty Edition

…Chapter 8: How To Interest People

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“All I ever wanted was to think on my feet and express my ideas with more clarity, more effectiveness and more poise, both in business interviews and before groups.”


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Table of Contents

SIX WAYS TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU street performer How to interest people


Edward L. Chalif was active in Boy Scout work. One day he found he needed a favor. A big Scout jamboree was coming off in Europe, and he wanted the president of one of the largest corporations in America to pay the expenses of one of his boys for the trip. Fortunately for Edward Chalif, just before he went to see this man, he heard that he had drawn a check for a million dollars, and that after it was canceled, he had had it framed.

The first thing Chalif did when he entered the president’s office was to ask to see the check. A check for a million dollars! Chalif told him he never knew that anybody had ever written such a check, and that he wanted to tell his boys that he had actually seen a check for a million dollars. The president gladly showed it to Chalif; Chalif admired it and asked the president to tell him all about how it happened to be drawn.

You notice, don’t you, that Mr. Chalif didn’t begin by talking about the Boy Scouts, or the jamboree in Europe, or what it was he wanted? He talked in terms of what interested the other man. Here’s the result: The president said, “Oh, by the way, what was it you wanted to see me about?”

So Chalif told him, and the president not only granted immediately what he asked for, but much more. Chalif had asked him to send only one boy to Europe, but he sent five boys and Chalif himself, gave Chalif a letter of credit for a thousand dollars and told them to stay in Europe for seven weeks. He also gave Chalif letters of introduction to his branch presidents, putting them at their service. The president himself met the boy scouts in Paris and showed them the town.

Since then, he has given jobs to some of the boys whose parents were in want, and he is still active in Chalif’s group. If Chalif hadn’t found out what he was interested in, and got him warmed up first, he wouldn’t have found him one-tenth as easy to approach.”

Talking in terms of the other person’s interests pays off for both parties.

Principle 8
Talk in terms of the other person’s interests

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How to interest people