Hugh Douglas Is Officially Fired


hughdouglas alq6rj Hugh Douglas Is Officially Fired

Numbers Never Lie will not be the same without Hugh Douglas. ESPN announced on today that they have officially parted ways with Douglas after an incident between the former NFL player and his co-host Michael Smith. Reports claimed that Douglas called Smith an Uncle Tom as well as other racially charged insults.

Representatives for the cable sports network have said that the firing was not just over his dispute with Smith, but because of his drunken behavior the entire evening. When news about Douglas’ aggressive behavior towards his former friend and co-host first broke, ESPN did not have make any public statements even though they took Douglas off of the air. This gave the network time to do it’s own investigation into the matter, and ultimately led to the conclusion that Douglas would not longer be with the network. Douglas tweeted that he is sorry to be leaving ESPN and that he would have more to say at a later time.

Fans of the show, myself included, will be sorry to see Douglas go. He provided an interesting and often different view from the shows other panelists. He also brought a more personal viewpoint as a former professional athlete. There is no news yet on who they will be replacing him with.

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Hugh Douglas Is Officially Fired