I Would Tell You To Go To Hell, But I Work There And Don’t Want To See You Everyday


Holy sh*t! These people actually asked me to blog for them? Ha! I’m actually honored and am pretty stoked to fill all you f*ckers in on my crazy yet awesome (depends on the day) life. Lemme introduce myself for those of you who live in a cave… My name is Cami Li, an internationally published tattoo model that resides in Miami, where the sun is hot and the people are shady.


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The face behind the words.


I’m 25 yrs old, Cuban, attend FAU and bartend on the weekends at the HardRock (shit gets weird). My number one priority is school and if all goes as planned, I’ll be graduated by the end of fall and moving my lil ass to California in hopes of becoming an entertainment publicist or just an even more badass tattoo model. I’m currently SINGLE and hate most of the male species (no, I’m not a lesbian, nor do I wanna experiment). Although, I did go out on a pretty good date last night with a pretty sexy dude. Anyways, I’m sure none of you care to hear about my sexcapades even though you have no choice but to read em. I’ve been riding horses since the oh so little age of 3. Went pro at 13, then got into a cool riding accident that put me in the hospital for 2 weeks. Leaving me with horrible memory and a mother who calls me at least 5x a day, no big deal. The best part was that all my teachers had to pass me due to my lack of remembering my own name. Let’s see what else … I’m a HUGE bitch, not gonna lie. It’s the truth, but once you get to know me, you’ll grow to love me. It’s so cliche’ to say, but I really can be your best friend or worst enemy and NO you don’t choose which one, I do.

So you’re probably thinking as to WTF I’m going to be ‘blogging’ about? Well, it’s not going to be your typical blog. I’m going to talk about what I love to talk about the most .. ME! No, seriously, just about rants, how sh*tty some photographers I deal with are (yes, I will put you on blast), if I’m getting laid and if it’s any good. You know, the usual stuff and pretty much how I hate everyone. I personally think I’m funny, but I’ll let you all be the judge of that. This blog can go 2 ways: you won’t be able to get enough or you’ll end up slamming your laptop against the wall because you simply just can’t stand me. I literally have no filter so this should be oodles and oodles of fun!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first blog. To learn more about me, check out the sites below. Trust me, it’ll only get better!



I Would Tell You To Go To Hell, But I Work There And Don’t Want To See You Everyday