In-Depth Microsoft E3 Press Coverage


microsoft xbox one conference 593x330 In Depth Microsoft E3 Press Coverage

The Microsoft press conference was intense and chockful of information. If you’re one of those looking forward to the Xbox One, well rest assured. The titles coming to you look rather intense. That’s a word that is guaranteed to be over used but well used all the same. Starting everything off, Metal Gear Solid got its time in the spotlight. The game trailer told us that MGS is developed by the Fox engine. What else about it? Well, get ready for some cowboy action. Snake can ride sideways on a horse through the desert. watch out for the pesky sandstorms as the weather control throughotu the game takes a realistic turn. Spying tactics and espionage have a more intense feel to them; the passage of time sets the mood and can even prove to be a challenge for each objective. Now you can creep through enemy base camps in the moonlit night. Hideo Kojima originally talked out MGS during the Konami pre-show and honestly, I think his word holds true during this exhibition. MGS looks like a game to have for Xbox One players.

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Though Metal Gear Solid got us excited for Xbox One and the thirteen next generation exclusive titles, we took a couple of steps back to look at the Xbox 360, which’ll be getting some love in the coming year. The Xbox 360 has been redeveloped to take on the Xbox One design. The new skin edition is available starting today. With the new publication, Xbox 360 Gold Members get to be spoiled. Gold Members will receive two free game downloads per month, and each download is yours to keep, example titles include Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3. Hundreds of new titles are also coming to Xbox 360 this year like a new Batman title, Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, and the long awaited GTA V. Releases to look forward to are World of Tanks, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, and Dark Souls II.

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World of Tanks was briefly discussed by War Gaming. It was a global hit on PC and is making its way over to the 85million users on Xbox Live. It offers a 15 vs 15 PvP system and is tailored specifically to the Xbox 360 controller. World of Tanks will be free to play on Xbox Live. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood‘s trailer showed an older brother looking up how to make his little brother disappear. He comes across an occult passage, which he reads aloud, and bam! He gets his wish, not that he’d think it work. He follows the magical captor through a brother to go save his brother through tricky platforms laced with debris and obstructions.

From Xbox 360, we finally segway back over to the Xbox One. Despite its length presentation, none of the controversy and rumours were directly addressed. Could that be a mistake? Perhaps, it would have been better to hear the yays or nays from the horse’s mouth, but Microsoft missed the opportunity. Guess we’ll have to consult the Internet to assuage our questions and fears. That aside, we were dazzled by Mario Titus, the protagonist of Ryse: Son of Rome. The gameplay shows off a raging war from the point of view of a Roman general. Ryse features quicktime reactions, which seem to be the hot trend in gaming.

Sunset Overdrive demanded its time in the sun. Though the presentation was short, Sunset Overdrive is claimed to be a “living world game”. It was hinted that the environment changes everyday, but no details were really given on that. Despite the uninformative coverage, the trailer showed the game to be a brightly coloured, parkour, cartoonish, 80s teenage-superhero-movie style of a game. It’s hard to explain the lightheartedness of the game, but it does look rather interesting. It’s very different from the other, gritty games surrounding it.

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We were mesmerized as Microsoft showed off the brief history of McClaren, the most successful team in Formula One history. But why would they cut to such a sleek, rare vehicle like the McClaren P-1? To introduce their new title: Forza Motorsports 5. The player’s “drivetar” learns how to drive based on your preferences. Players can make decisions via the Cloud system, and the drivetar saves and adapts to these individual decisions. Players, of course, play dirty, but so do the AIs. It’s no holds barred in this game. The AI opponents aren’t pansies; they drive like real people, swerving and aggressively bumping into other cars even if it means they tailspin as well. Crazy, right? It sounds like my kind of game. Games that didn’t really get a detailed spotlight were Minecraft, D4, Crimson Dragon, What Lies Below, and Titanfall. Quantum Break was discussed to some extent, showing that players get to interact in a world where time is fragmented; it stutters and even freezes. If only this was talked about at length! It’d be sweet to know how players can manipulate the warped time space to their advantage.

Project Spark is Xbox One’s build ‘em up game. Players voice control pretty much everything within the game. The landscape, the time of day, even character behaviour can all be molded and shaped. Using Smart Glass, players get to shape the environment freely. If you’re not into making your own world, never fear. You can reach into pre-existing zones, remix, and build off those ideas. There’s a possibility players might be able to do that with each other’s worlds, but it hasn’t been established how that would happen.

Smart Glass technology will be built natively into Xbox One. Users’ll be able to purchase games, start single player sessions and so on. Along with this, is connected with the Kinect. It was discussed before during the Xbox One reveal. Users have a variety of liberties when it comes to the, one of which being live broadcasting to others.

More games followed the brief interlude about the Smart Glass. Dead Rising 3 gave us a new protagonist, whose voice clips aren’t quite as snappy and witty. He reacts sometimes even with panic, making him more realistic to his surroundings. Zombies are attracted to the player’s every move, but they can be distracted in many ways, one of which being with flares. Smart Glass can help with the game play. Players can call in an air strike to eradicate thick hordes that block Nick, the protag, from advancing. Dead Rising 3 is Xbox One exclusive and is available this upcoming holiday for an unknown price.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt followed DR3. One of the main highlights of the game include an optional voice command, enabling such things as magic abilities. This is a truly interactive fantasy game, and this looks like it’s the final game in the series as the trailer labeled this “The Last Part of the Legend”. Curious.

Finally, the last two titles two be covered were Battlefield 4 and the newest Halo release. Both B4 and Halo are clocked to run at an astonishing 60FPS, which will attribute to a smoother gameplay and experience. With Battlefield 4, the trailer was at first delayed by technical issues, but the trailer was rather mild compared to the other explosive trailers that preceded. Battlefield 4 does have realistic obscurities such as water splashing onto the camera. The first map pack will be released on Xbox One before anywhere else. At least Battlefield won’t be an Xbox One exclusive release. The newest Halo game isn’t called Halo 5 or anything like that. It was simply introduced as Halo and wasn’t given clear detailed on its namesake. It has a 2014 release and looks like it’s an MMORPG style game. Unfortunately, details weren’t very clear.

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So to wrap it all up, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles look amazing. I’m not much into either franchise, but the exclusives looked fantastic. You gotta give them that even if they don’t do very well on the market. Xbox One will be released in November for $499 in the US, 499€ in Europe, and 420£ in the UK. Xbox One will hit twenty-one different markets, and for those interested, you can reserve your E3 Day One editions now.

In-Depth Microsoft E3 Press Coverage