iPhone Siri Voice Identity Revealed (VIDEO)


So before you read this – if you prefer to continue to imagine the voice coming out of your iPhone as a futuristic robot, then don’t keep reading. That creepy voice called Siri that eerily talks to you when you want to ask it questions has been revealed.

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Siri is a ‘baby-boom-aged woman’ named Susan Bennett. Susan lives in suburban Atlanta and has made a career as a voice-over artist specializing in “interactive voice response” work. Perhaps Apple was onto something by keeping the voice faceless because now that you know, will it be difficult, or maybe more creepy to use it?

Susan Bennett‘s first big break came about 40 years ago when she served as the radio and TV voice of First National Bank’s “Tillie the All-Time Teller,” the first ATM machine. Susan has been able to remain anonymous and the voice of Siri has long-gone unknown until CNN recently uncovered the identity.

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CNN connected her to the voice of Siri while interviewing her for a separate piece about voiceover artists. When a report incorrectly pegged Allison Dufty as the voice behind Siri last month, Bennett decided to go on the record with her story. Her son is so used to hearing his mother’s voice everywhere, it doesn’t even freak him out. He said,

“Her voice has been everywhere throughout my life. I’d call my bank while I was in college in Colorado, and it was my mom telling me I had $4,” Cameron Bennett told CNN.

Apple refused to confirm the report that Susan Bennett is the voice behind Siri, even though CNN has irrefutable evidence that she is. The company is traditionally secretive and apparently still believes some things are better left unknown.

SOURCE: newsday.com, CNN

iPhone Siri Voice Identity Revealed (VIDEO)