Is New England Vulnerable?


patriots vulnerable rvlp0y Is New England Vulnerable?

The New England Patriots have had quite an offseason, to say the least. It first began with a bunch of buzz surrounding the departure of Wes Welker from the Pats to the Broncos. Welker was one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets and always seemed to be clutch in the right moments.

Next, Aaron Hernandez and the whole murder scandal took place. Less than two hours after he was arrested, the Patriots released him from the team in order to disassociate their name with the story as best they could. Regardless, New England was the team he was with when it happened, so they will always be associated. Hernandez provided a lot for the team production-wise. His tandem with Gronkowski at the tight end position was the best in the NFL. Now they don’t even have one.

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Rob Gronkowski had back surgery this offseason, which will likely keep him out for the first few games of the season. Who will Tom Brady look to? Danny Amendola? The bottom line is that the Patriots DO in fact have Tom Brady. He is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and can place the ball anywhere he pleases. New England plays in one of the least competitive divisions in the NFL (AFC East) and compete with the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills. That’s kind of a joke. Even with a battered and bruised team, the Patriots will still win the AFC East and go to the playoffs. Where they go from there is undetermined.

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Is New England Vulnerable?