J Cole and Drake’s Bromance


drakejcole cgemju J Cole and Drakes Bromance

J Cole and Drake are beginning to look more and more like best friends everyday. It might be a little confusing since Drake is on his “No New Friends” vibe. But Cole isn’t exactly new for Drake. They’ve been friends for awhile. Their bromance is becoming one of the more popular ones in Hip Hop, with the new release of Cole’s sophomore album, and the anticipation for Drake’s album growing by the minute. Recently, the two besties went on a shopping spree together, probably after recording their new song Jodeci Freestyle. All jokes aside, Cole and Drake make a good duo. While one friend is extremely slightly more successful than the other, the two still have similar vibes, making it easy for you to connect the two. Whenever they make music together, it always sounds like the Drake everyone misses and the Cole everyone wants to hear more of. Friends should bring out the best in each other. Here are some Bromance moments for Drizzy and Cole.

In The Morning

In this mixtape track turned album cut off Cole’s first album, J Cole and Drake get their R&B singer on. Not really, just Drake on his chorus. But they do talk to the ladies on this track, asking if they can have “breakfast in bed.” Get it? Was that corny? Whatever, In The Morning is one of the better tracks off Cole’s album.

Jodeci Freestyle
drake 4 u9pklz J Cole and Drakes Bromance
Ok, Cole and Drake really do get their R&B singer swag on with this song. The song is named after the 90s R&B group Jodeci. In the song, Drake and Cole simply brag about their statuses right now and end each verse with, “Women screaming like Jodeci back.” Jodeci was known for having women waiting in their hotel lobby. Cole and Drake imply they have the same effect now. This soulful track is produced by Bink and shows Drake back on his Comeback Season flow. If this is what Drake sounds like rapping with Cole, they need to do an album together.

Cole Summer line
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“Throwing thousands in the strip club with Drizzy, difference is i’m throwing 4, he throwing 50.”
Famed blogger, Big Ghostface (not to be confused with Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang) once said that J Cole was just the poor man’s Drake. While thats not completely true, it sure sounds like it on this song. In that one line, Cole points out him and Drake’s favorite past time, as well as acknowledging the fact Drake has more money than him. Just a little shoutout from Jermaine to Aubrey.

Drake buys Born Sinner

Look how much fun these two have together. They look like BFFs. All jokes aside, Drake showed some love to Cole for his sophomore release, buying every copy of Born Sinner in the record store. The two of them laugh and interact with fans while in the store. This was a nice gesture from Drizzy to his friend Cole.

J Cole and Drake’s Bromance