Jackass The Movie : Best Deleted Scenes


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If you’re a fan of immature humor, shock value, stunts, and testicles, then you’ll love the best deleted scenes from Jackass the Movie. The following stunts were performed by professionals, so neither you nor your dumb buddies should attempt anything from this movie.

Here’s some trivia about Jackass the Movie:

The car that Johnny Knoxville drives in the “rent-a-car crash-up derby” skit has the number three painted on it, an homage to the late Dale Earnhardt.
The reason the majority of stunts were filmed in Japan was because whenever the crew tried to film them in the US, swarms of teenage Jackass fans would show up to watch the filming.
Another reason for filming extensively in Japan is that laws requiring non-consenting participants to have their faces blurred out do not apply in Japan.
Loomis Fall came up with the idea of the “night pandas” segment because he wanted to go to Japan. The crew agreed to bring him along simply because nobody had the heart to tell him that pandas are from China, not Japan.
The “rocket skates” segment was originally planned to air as part of the Jackasstelevision show, but it was added to the movie after MTV refused to air it.
The final stunt of the movie features Johnny Knoxville diving into water with Rip Taylorholding up a “The End” sign. On the DVD release of the movie, you can actually see that this was the last part of a much larger stunt involving all of the cast members that was never successfully completed. It was mostly featured on at least the European VHS release however, and the complete stunt was reminiscent of a stunt track, in which every cast member would be part of the track, with Johhny Knoxvile diving in the water as the climax.
Mat Hoffman, Steve-O, Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville all suffered serious injuries during filming. Hoffman broke his wrist when he fell off his bike during “Sweaty Fat Fucks” and was also knocked out in the same incident, Knoxville was knocked out when his golf cart flipped over and again when he fought Butterbean, Bam tore his hamstring at the beginning of the movie’s production and developed an infection after the branding (which involved a lengthy hospital stay) and Steve-O developed a serious infection when he fell into a contaminated river in “Poo River Pole Vault” (DVD only), which was later edited into “Tropical Pole Vaulting”.
The Japanese fortune teller says, “Nihongo o wakarimasu ka?” to Chris Pontius as Party Boy, to which party boy simply nods and sits down. The fortune teller had just asked him, “Do you understand Japanese?”
When Johnny Knoxville claims that he was Lon Chaney’s lover after being thrown out of the liquor store, Knoxville actually had no clue who Chaney was. He saw Chaney’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as he was thrown out and thought it would be a funny thing to say.
The shopping cart in the opening sequence was originally built for and used in the filmThe Incredible Shrinking Woman. Preston Lacy spotted it on the studio lot, and it was incorporated into the film.
The “Wassabi Snoters” sketch was shot on Johnny Knoxville’s birthday.
Originally before putting fireworks in Phil’s car, they cast were going to either saw the car in half, or flip it upside down.
Steve-O got a serious infection the day after they did the “Poo-Water Pole Vault” scene.

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Jackass The Movie : Best Deleted Scenes