Jadakiss x ALIFE Tee


jadakiss x alife by jason nocito t shirt 1 ryvbrl Jadakiss x ALIFE Tee

Alife is making a strong comeback. After a super long brief hiatus, Alife made a return to the world of streetwear this year. They’ve been releasing a strong set of photo print tees. Their next tee is with legendary NY rapper Jadakiss. The NY brand and Jadakiss fit perfectly for each other. It seems somewhat like a Supreme tee, but a bit grittier and more authentic. Jadakiss and Alife both have a sort of NY underdog appeal to them.

Jadakiss is getting ready to release his long awaited Top 5 Dead or Alive album. This tee comes right on time. With Alife and Jadakiss both taking breaks, this collaboration is a comeback for both of them.

Jadakiss wears an Alife tee with a NY fitted cap on in the picture on the shirt. He holds two guns to his head while wearing his classic Jadakiss smile, giving the tee a sort of unique gritty appeal. This shirt is available at Alife online store for $32. Shoutout to the D-block rapper. Can’t wait to hear the album.

Jadakiss x ALIFE Tee