Jason Bateman Seeks Justice For Son In New ‘Disconnect’ Trailer (Video)


In the very first trailer for ‘Disconnect,’ we get to explore the dangers of living in a technological world.  The drama stars Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Haley Ramm, Alexander Skarsgard and Frank Grillo.

disconnect Jason Bateman Seeks Justice For Son In New Disconnect Trailer (Video)

Jason Bateman plays a lawyer whose teen son, played by Jonah Bobo, is tricked into an online relationship with whom he thinks is a girl but is actually two male classmates who trick him into sending risque photos.  Then there’s a TV reporter, Nina, played by Andrea Riseborough who connects (and appears to fall for) a teenager (Max Thierio) whom she interviews for an expose about a porn site that uses underage teens.  In another plotline a couple played by Alexander Skarsgard and Paula Patton are the victims of identity theft that threatens to ruin their finances.

‘Disconnect’ is a twist on a Catfish romance met with bullying and a little underage sex.  The drama looks thrilling and twisted with a lot of intertwining plotlines and stories- similar to a Crash movie sequence.  You don’t quite get to see how the stories connect in the trailer, but the sneak peek definitely captures and captivates your attention.  ‘Disconnect’ is set for an April 12th release.  Check out the trailer after the jump.


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

Jason Bateman Seeks Justice For Son In New ‘Disconnect’ Trailer (Video)