Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit


Sneakerheads all over the world should be going crazy over this next one. It’s the proverbial life saver for all collectors alike. And if you’re like most shoe collectors, you know that the maintenance of your collection is often a considerably tedious task. Well, worry no more as Jason Markk comes to save your life (I mean shoes) with his new sneaker cleaning solution. Jason Markk provides one-stop solutions for today’s consumer with a range of premium goods and accessories tailored for the sneaker market. Showing a passion for sneaker care usually reserved for collecting, the label offers handcrafted wood block brushes, natural cleaning solutions and microfiber towels designed to keep shoes in pristine condition. The Standard sneaker Cleaning Brush, with its synthetic bristles, is ideal for tackling dirt on mid-soles, tough stains and all-around cleaning, while the Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush features handcrafted walnut wood and softer hog bristles better suited for delicate surfaces.

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Jason Markk Premium sneaker Cleaning Kit