Jay-Z Calls Out Scott Boras On New Album


jay z boras v2ryji Jay Z Calls Out Scott Boras On New Album

Jay-Z recently made one of the biggest power moves in his career by creating Roc Nation Sports and becoming an agent. He’s made some huge moves already acquiring Kevin Durant, Skylar Diggins, Geno Smith, among others. One of the biggest headlines came when he took Robinson Cano away from agent Scott Boras. He even rapped about it on his upcoming album in the song “Crown.” Check it out: “Scott Boras, you over baby. Robinson Cano, you coming with me.”

If I were in the sports agency business, I would certainly be afraid. Not just because Jay-Z can call you out in a song, but because every up and coming athlete will want to be a part of Roc Nation Sports. If I was choosing between Jay-Z and anyone else, I’d choose Jay-Z. He’s a smart business man, he is one of the biggest names in any market he enters into, and…he’s Jay-Z.

Content Source: ESPN

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Jay-Z Calls Out Scott Boras On New Album