Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants To Freeze Her Eggs


Jennifer Love Hewitt is 34-years old and she wants to plan ahead in case her relationship doesn’t turn into a marriage.  She’s been dating her Client List costar Brian Hallisay, also 34-years old, since last Spring.

jennifer love hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants To Freeze Her Eggs

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According to US Weekly, Jennifer’s been asking women she knows about freezing her eggs.  See, Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s been unlucky in love one-too many times and so she wants to be able to have a future child regardless of whether or not she ends up in a long-lasting relationship.  With her exes including John MayerPatrick WilsonCarson DalyJamie KennedyAlex BehWilmer Valderrama and ex-fiance Ross McCall, Jennifer feels she’ll end up single since none of her relationships have worked out.

Whether it works out with Brian or not, Jennifer still wants to be able to be a mom one day and by freezing her eggs, she has that option.  She apparently loves babies and still hasn’t given up on love.  She told US Weekly, “It is so much more important that you love yourself rather than someone else. I’ve had breakups and they’ve been public, but I don’t regret any of them. I adore them all. I’ve gotten very lucky.”


SOURCE: US Magazine

Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants To Freeze Her Eggs