Jermaine Dupri Slapped With $800,000 Tax Bill


Jermaine Dupri just got hit with a huge tax bill courtesy of Uncle Sam.  The hip-hop mogul got slapped with an $800,000 tax bill because he didn’t pay taxes from the years 2008, 2010 and 2011.

jermaine dupri i9osl8 Jermaine Dupri Slapped With $800,000 Tax Bill

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It’s the same old story just for a different celebrity – lots of money, forgets to pay taxes.  We can’t wrap our heads around it either, but the IRS has filed 2 separate tax liens against Dupri and here’s how it’s broken down:

2008 –  $646.47

2010 - $140, 889.76

2011 - $657,156.12

This is nothing new for Jermaine Dupri as he just recently paid off a $3 Million tax lien from unpaid taxes in 2006.  Before that, he paid $500K to the State of Georgia for unpaid taxes. Seems like there’s a pattern here Jermaine – perhaps you should get a better accountant.



Jermaine Dupri Slapped With $800,000 Tax Bill