Jeter Is On The Disabled List


Some bad news for New York Yankees fans this week. Derek Jeter will be returning to the disabled list after he strained his right quad during his first game back on July 11. Jeter had been missing for the first 91 games of the season for a broken ankle when he made hiss triumphant return versus the Kansas City Royals.

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Team officials decided to put Jeter on the list until July 27 because of an MRI done this week which showed minimal healing, but not enough for the team to feel comfortable with him resuming regular play. Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has said that he would not be surprised if Jeter was out for even longer than that. Jeter has said that he was counting on the chance to rest during this weeks break for the All Star game to be enough for his body to recovery from the injury and is very disappointed that he will have to once again wait to play.

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Jeter will be replaced by Brent Lillibridge during his extended recovery period. Lillibridge has seven home runs and 15 RBI. Eduardo Nunez will continue to play as the replacement shortstop. The Yankees are in need of a lot of support in their offensive game. They entered Fridays game as fourth in the American League East behind the Boston Red Sox by six games.

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Jeter Is On The Disabled List