Jets Coach Discourages Fans From Booing


NY Jets Mark Sanchez qlhjhi Jets Coach Discourages Fans From Booing

Rex Ryan has asked that fans of the New York Jets try to move forward and past their anger towards possible quarterback Mark Sanchez. During Saturday’s scrimmage fans in attendance boo’d the quarterback when he messed up a few passes. Sanchez is in open competition with Geno Smith for the position after his game play last season. Sanchez was also defended by corner back Antonio Cromartie who used some strong words to tell fans that he did not approve of their behavior towards his teammate during the scrimmage. Cromartie said that if fans support the team then that is what they should be focused on instead of being rude to the players.

Sanchez over threw a pass, got sacked and was 9-11 for 93 yards. This did not inspire confidence for the few thousand that were in the stands. Sanchez’s record makes it difficult for fans to be supportive when they still remember that he committed 26 turn overs last season and was benched in the last home game of the season after he threw three interceptions. Ryan has stated that they have worked hard to improve the team as a whole and Sanchez since last season. He emphasized that what the team needs most is to focus on what is happening now and not the past. Fans can help that by not booing the players.

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Jets Coach Discourages Fans From Booing