Jimmy Kimmel: 3rd Annual National UnFriend Day


Today is the Third Annual National UnFriend Day.  The day where you can take to social media sites such as Facebook and feel guilt-free about unfriending annoying and unwanted ‘friends’ who are not actually friends in real life.  Jimmy Kimmel has been running segments on National UnFriend Day all week long.  Kimmel says,

“I believe Facebook has diluted the meaning of a friend.  A friend needs to be someone you have a special relationship with now it isn’t and it’s time to say good-bye in bulk.”

Kimmel, nicknamed the day he created, “NUD” and says to unfriend the ‘Person Who Loves Everything”, “Person Who Hates Everything” and “Your Mother”.  He says,

“Your mother is not your friend.  Cut her loose just like she did to your umbilical cord.”

Facebook has not made it easy to unfriend people, changing the process several times a year.  Kimmel says it’s worth it not to hear about their Zumba classes anymore if you follow his rules and instructions on how and why to unfriend them.  Jimmy Kimmel Live has added a Facebook badge that you can add to your page after you’ve participated in National UnFriend Day that says “I NUD’d”.  Kimmel says he’s using Facebook against itself.

“It’s like cleaning out your closet and throwing out clothes, except with people.” Kimmel says to his audience.

Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers live on air to send in videos that are 20 seconds or less explaining why you are losing your least favorite Facebook friend.  He asked them to upload it to YouTube and title it, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, Meet My Best UnFriend”!

Will you be UnFriending today?

Jimmy Kimmel: 3rd Annual National UnFriend Day