Joel McHale and ‘The Soup’ Go Live for Tonight’s 500th Episode


The E! reality show, The Soup has hit it’s 500th episode tonight and they’re going live! The show specializes in making fun of the world of reality tv.

Joel McHale The Soup zrrd3n Joel McHale and The Soup Go Live for Tonights 500th Episode

The show is set to air two live episodes for both the east and west coasts. Joel McHale told reporters, “I’m very much looking forward to it. Also, I have full on dyslexia, so that should be great. I think it brings a sense of danger!”

The episodes will feature special guests The Office star B.J. Novak and radio DJ Adam Carolla. “We’re going for dudes with short, very dense black hair,” McHale joked. The show has established itself since first airing July 1, 2004 as a cultural  influence throughout the world of television. Joel McHale makes fun of everyone from Kim Kardashian to the ladies of The View. “There were shows that put us on the map like the way we’d make fun of Tila Tequila or Pants Off Dance Off,” McHale said. “Being Bobby Brown was earth shatteringly good for us because that show was really nutso.”

McHale admits The Soup‘s covered it’s fair share of bad programming. He explains, “Big Brother drives me out of my mind,” McHale revealed. “I think if I were to go to hell — excuse me — when I go to hell, it will be the Big Brother house. Enjoy conspiring and whispering for eternity.” Soup‘s on Wednesdays at 10/9c on E!.



Joel McHale and ‘The Soup’ Go Live for Tonight’s 500th Episode