Johnny Football? More Like Johnny Drama


johnny football yczenz Johnny Football? More Like Johnny Drama

Johnny Manziel keeps doing Johnny Manziel things. Just when we all thought the Johnny drama was over, he finds a way to annoy us all over again. He’s quickly become the guy we love to hate. Well…most of us. The football field is supposed to be the place where you can forget everything that’s going on around you and just play. Not Johnny. He seems to be embracing his villainous role off the field and on.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a video of Manziel not being humble after his crazy offseason and first half suspension.

That video didn’t even show Manziel taunting the Rice players by pointing to the scoreboard, ignoring his coach as he got scolded, or the fact that he got benched in the fourth quarter. Some of you might say, “what’s the big deal? He’s entertaining and he’s not hurting anyone.” I say the whole act is tired. He thinks he’s a big shot, but we’ll see how big when the NFL Draft rolls around. The circus act is severely outweighing the talent at this point. He might not care because he’s being talked about, he’s the most well-known guy in college football, and he’s still the big man on campus. Maybe he’s living it up and enjoying it now because no one will care about him a year from now.

Image Source: thesportscurrent

Johnny Football? More Like Johnny Drama