Justin Bieber Tweaks On Paparazzi!!


You would think that after a photographer loses his life in pursuit of pop prince Justin Bieber that most members of the deranged paparazzi society would get it by now. But hey, getting the shot is the most important thing right? It’s just the price of fame right? Not. Justin Bieber seems to think different as he hops out of his getaway van to let a member of the press have it.

justin bieber tweaks on paparazzi Justin Bieber Tweaks On Paparazzi!!

“What you say> What did you say? I’ll f*ckin beat the f*ck out of you!”, says the Biebs as his bodyguards hold him back.

Check it out after the jump.

I’m not mad at him one bit. What do you think?

Justin Bieber Tweaks On Paparazzi