Justin Bieber “Yellow Raincoat” (NEW MUSIC)


“Yellow Raincoat”, one of the new tracks included in Justin Bieber’s upcoming album Believe Acoustic, was unintentionally released online before the intended target date of January 29. The leaked song, features a somewhat different-sounding Bieber, so different that some were assuming it wasn’t even him singing.

justin bieber believe acoustic Justin Bieber Yellow Raincoat (NEW MUSIC)

As soon as “Yellow Raincoat” leaked, fans were quick to assume the song was about Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.  The song’s lyrics talk about a turbulent relationship, much like Bieber’s failed relationship with Gomez.  Justin sings lyrics like,

“Cause the fame, and the money, and the girl will drive you crazy/ Another he said, she said, I’m thinking maybe/ Just put on…Guess I’ll put on my raincoat.”

Though Bieber and the Spring Breakers actress are reportedly officially over as of New Years, some are speculating if they really want it that way, and considering their on-again/off-again past, who knows what could happen.  Take a listen to “Yellow Raincoat” after the jump.

What do you think of “Yellow Raincoat”?


Justin Bieber “Yellow Raincoat” (NEW MUSIC)