Kat Stacks Released From Immigration Facility


katstacks Kat Stacks Released From Immigration Facility

Yes, you heard correctly. Venezuelan bombshell, Andrea Herrara, better known as Kat Stacks has been released from “lock up”. Apparently the rapper thrashing mistress was placed behind bars after a few altercations. According to several sources (including Kat herself) stated that she almost was not released because the judge didn’t like her Kat Stacks persona and stated that it contributes nothing to American society.

Ms. Stacks is not naturally an American citizen, having moved to the states when she was about 4 years old from Venezuela. Since then she claims that she’s been abused and involved in human trafficking. How true this may be has not been confirmed, but it was enough for the judge to change his mind and set her free. Kat Stacks is now back on the streets to reap havok. In other words, beware of Kat.

Kat Stack Released From Immigration Facility