Kid Cudi Turns The F*Ck Up At SXSW [Video]


Kid Cudi Myspace Secret Show4 Kid Cudi Turns The F*Ck Up At SXSW [Video]

Image Source: Boxden

Half of the entertainment and arts community is frolicking (yes, I used that word) on the streets in Texas right now for the major event SXSW (South By Southwest). And for great reason. You have the best of the independent artists and the best of the majors all in one spot. It’s a great place to venture and network. The G.O.O.D music crooner Kid Cudi gave an all-star performance live at SXSW performing two of his most popular songs Memories and Day ‘N’ Nite. With uptempo, heavy based drums, and a melodic composition it comes as no surprise that the crowd was captivated by this performance. Kid Cudi was in full control.

Check out the performance here below.

That’s some dope sh*t.

Kid Cudi Turns The F*Ck Up at SXSW [Video]