Kids Urban Wear


Kids Urban Wear

Let’s take a moment to dive into the wonderful world of kids urban wear. It’s not too often that we get to shine light on the little tikes with major swag. Little do we know, some of our favorite brands are making urban kids clothes of their own. We as adults just aren’t hip yet.

We recently spotlight a brand that has taken the urban kids clothes world by storm. Rather than being an adult brand that branches into children’s wear, QuestKids actually makes kids urban wear exclusively. For those sneakerheads that are interested in making sure their little tikes are dressed for success, here are some  cool ideas to keep your kids as fresh as you are.

 Kids Urban Wear

Baby Phat for kids is a Kids urban wear company spearheaded by Kimora Lee Simmons, former wife of hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. Baby Phat dominates all parts of kids urban wear, from apparel to shoes and accessories. You and your daughter can be a part of the Baby Phat/Phat Farm movement in style.


kids urban wear1 Kids Urban Wear

We were first introduced to Rocawear’s kids urban wear line by rapper, Jay Z. Who says that kids urban wear has to be cheesy and over the top. There is a fine line between appropriately young and too adult and the right kids urban wear brand can find it. Rocawear was and definitely continues to be that very brand.


kids urban wear3 Kids Urban Wear

Swag has no age limits and that’s why Lil Wayne’s Trukfit clothing line is expanding the line to kids urban wear. Check out the photos above of the kids draped in Trukfit gear. School yards and play grounds all over the world are about to get a whole lot fresher thanks to Lil Wayne’s new interest in kids urban wear.


kids urban wear4 Kids Urban Wear

Adapt is a streetwear brand that sells adult clothing as well as kids urban wear. The kid above is rocking the “Boss” tank while his more seasoned friend (that’s my alternative word for older) is rocking the “Misfit” tee. Both very popular designs by Adapt so if you want the adult version of Adapt’s Kids urban wear, chances are you will be able to find it.

Don’t be afraid to let your child embrace their inner urban kid. There are a lot of streetwear brands making dope gear just for them!


Kids Urban Wear