Kim Zolciak Says Smoking Pictures Are BS


Kim Zolciak has NOT been puffing on a cancer stick while pregnant, because she says those pictures were NOT shot yesterday.  Kim has allegedly sent a cease and desist letter to the agency accusing them of purposely deceiving the public about the smoking shots.

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The reality star says the shots of her smoking were taken a long time ago, and that she was actually photographed by that same agency yesterday wearing black sweatpants – not smoking (above).  Sources say that Kim Zolciak feels the agency defamed her by creating a fake scandal, ie: smoking while pregnant.

Kim is also saying the photographer was trespassing while taking those photos.  The photog is an independent photographer that works for the agency and according to sources, WAS on private property to shoot them.  The agency has since pulled the photos – but Kim Zolciak would also like an apology, or she might sue.


Kim Zolciak Says Smoking Pictures Are BS