New Release | King Louie – Old Bitch (Audio)


King Louie Old Bitch 450x450 New Release | King Louie   Old Bitch (Audio)

King Louie is one of the most high profile artists to come out of the Chicago drill scene since he exploded into the mainstream over last summer. It’s a weird spot for Louie (or, for now, “King L,” at least until Epic Records sorts out some trademark issues with another artist) to be in, not only because of his music’s nature, but because at this point he doesn’t have much in common artistically with Chief Keef and most of the other rappers he’s commonly mentioned alongside. King Louie proves he’s worthy of his new major-label throne. As he spins out cocksure, middle-finger trap anthems with ease, he brings us a brand new exclusive with ‘Old Bitch’. There’s that similar dread-shaking, Windy City aggression Louie is known for, delived with the pimp-hand humor and quirky wit he displayed on past favorites like “The Val Venis Song.” This exclusive shows L has a serious ear for hooks that will help him be more than a corner favorite.

While Louie was tied in with the drill scene before anyone outside of Chicago even knew it existed, he’s never totally fit in with it. For one, at age 24, he’s seven years older than Keef, which in this young scene almost counts as a generational gap. But more importantly, while Keef, his Glory Boys crew, and the ever-growing number of rappers imitating them project the image of dead-eyed sociopaths, Louie’s always been a hedonist first and a street tough a far-off second.

‘Old Bitch’ has Louie right in his lane. From the dog-eared subject matter — haters, hustling, hundreds, women — to the ‘Snapback on the Track’ production, which faithfully abides by the Lex Luger formula and features a ‘Gyote’ sample, this song tells the story of past women along with ‘the life’. And theFuture-esque Auto-Tune-heavy style Louie reveals on this track has been sneaking its way into the more recent music. Check out the Lawless Inc. soundcloud feature below. Enjoy!

New Release | King Louie – Old Bitch (Audio)