Konami Pre-E3 Show Recap


Konami Logo Konami Pre E3 Show Recap

Tomoyuki Suboi opened the stream, greeting us graciously. He gave us some background information about Konami. Like did you know, this marks the company’s 40th anniversary? That’s right. Konami started in 1973 and developed into a multi-faceted company. Konami keeps two keywords in mind when developing their games: “joy” and “fun”. They kept this in mind when developing Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition, and they try to stay focused on this task when developing anything and everything else.

John Coligan followed this opening and spoke about Konami’s expansion into independent gaming. Currently, they’re focused on releasing titles for the iOS and Android. They’re inviting developers to join this branch as they, essentially, get free reign over their products so they can develop to the best of their abilities and get to flourish in the independent environment. The first of their independent developers is a studio called Kung Fu Factory in LA. They’re developing a series of titles, one of which being Domo Jump. Remember the name and look out for it.

pes 2013 soccer Konami Pre E3 Show Recap

Kei Masuda invited us to sit down as he talked about PES 2014 (Pre-Evolution Soccer 2014). The game itself seems rather different from other sport games, but Konami kicked it up an extra notch. With this new release, they developed a new game engine purely for PES 2014. The new engine is called Fluidity, and to be honest, there’s no better reason to make a game engine if not for a sports/high-action game. Fluidity was in development for a few years and is originally based of the Fox engine. It lives up to its name, showing off a fluid movement and design. From the looks of it, Konami is taking chances without compromising a lot of their quality. So far, I trust them.

mgs v phantom of pain 593x344 Konami Pre E3 Show Recap

Following this, Hideo Kojima enlightens us about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The themes for this game are a little darker from the previous games, tackling such topics as race and revenge. Two things that can sometimes go hand-in-hand and can cause a riot amongst consumers if executed inappropriately. MGSV takes place in 1984, so Snake is 49 years old. He’s a worse for wear but still going strong. This is also the 25th anniversary of MGS. Everyone’s getting on pretty well. When looking for someone to play Snake, Keifer Sutherland’s name came up, and he was cast for the role. He was a perfect fit as they needed to subdue Snake’s performance for this game and mostly convey his emotions through facial expressions and tones. With a new Snake comes a new design. MGS is more open world, adding more depth to the gameplay and overall experience.

castlevania lord of shadow 2 Konami Pre E3 Show Recap

Finally, to wrap up the preshow, Dave Cox talks with us about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The first Lords of Shadow set out to properly tell the story of Dracula and ended with a very dramatic epilogue. Lords of Shadow 2 continues from there. The story becomes darker, containing intense, contradictory feelings. LoS2 takes place in a modern day setting with music pointed more towards individual character emotions. The game mechanics are also a little different. The game engine Mercury was taken from an older part of the series and adapted to fit this current title.  With this engine, there are free spaces to roman without waiting for the world to load; players are able to jump to and fro, run around, all without environment lag. The free camera moves everywhere and is more demanding , but it gives players more freedom to control the camera, enabling them to rotate 360 degrees. With this new game engine, the graphics are far better and allows a more complex gameplay.

Konami really stepped up their game this time around. So far, they look like they have a lot of promise. That much has to be shown during E3, but come on. Let’s give them some faith.

Konami Pre-E3 Show Recap