Lady Gaga’s New Album “ARTPOP” To Have 50 Songs


Lady Gaga has been spending much time penning new music because she announced her new album “ARTPOP” will have “like 50 songs” the singer says.  Most albums carry 12 to 15 tracks but the “Born This Way” singer has hinted at a possible double disc edition.

 Lady Gagas New Album ARTPOP To Have 50 Songs

ARTPOP Album Art

Gaga has been off the radar lately but did recently release a teaser for her new video for her song “Cake Like Lady Gaga” to where she rolls around in the tasty treat while singing.

“Cake” will be featured on the album with 50 songs.  Gaga’s been working overtime and we can only imagine these songs will be as provocative as ever.  **WARNING: Video may not be suitable for the office environment.**



Lady Gaga’s New Album “ARTPOP” To Have 50 Songs